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Minimum Careers

Minimum Careers

Our Mission

Minimum is a Y Combinator backed start-up, founded to tackle the biggest challenge currently facing humanity: how to get to the world to net-zero carbon emissions as quickly as possible.

We're doing this by allowing businesses to start the journey towards net-zero in minutes. Businesses simply need to submit their product/business info through our easy API or through our Carbon Control Centre, and that's it. We automatically calculate their business' emissions, and neutralise the impact through high-quality offsets. At the same time, we show businesses where they can best reduce emissions, and we show consumers the emissions profile of what they're buying - for the first time democratising an understanding of sustainability, like calorie information did for food.

Open Positions

Carbon Calculations

Senior Carbon Consultant


Founding Lead Engineer


Founding Designer (Head of Design)

Last updated: Friday 16th April, 2021