Founding Lead Engineer

About Minimum

Minimum is a Y Combinator backed start-up, founded to tackle the biggest challenge currently facing humanity: how to get to the world to net zero carbon emissions before it's too late. We're doing this by allowing businesses to start producing climate positive products in minutes. Businesses simply need to submit their product/business info through our easy API or through our Carbon Control Centre, and that's it. We automatically calculate the associated emissions, and neutralise the impact through high-quality offsets. At the same time, we show businesses where they can best reduce emissions, and we show consumers the emissions profile of what they're buying - for the first time democratising an understanding of sustainability, like calorie information did for food.

The Challenge

Engagement with Sustainability has never been higher, which is a great start, but it is still so difficult to do effectively - particularly for smaller players. The world desperately needs accessible tools that allow businesses, individuals, investors, and governments to understand carbon emissions in sufficient depth to help them budget emissions, plan how to reduce, and, in the meantime, immediately start reducing their impact through carbon offsetting. Minimum is building the tools to help people get started today. By working with these companies to understand their emissions we are also building the most significant cross-industry dataset on carbon emissions that has ever existed. This will become the backbone of sustainability solutions of the future.

The Opportunity

This is the first technical hire outside of Minimum's co-founders, so the opportunity will share lots of similarities to starting a company yourself! Your role will be to own features from definition through delivery, help evolve our technical architecture, and ultimately do whatever is needed to delight our customers. It's highly likely that a good fit for the role will progress in seniority very quickly.

This role reports to the Co-founder who leads Engineering & Product, but it's likely that you'll interact frequently with all three co-founders.

The Team

You'll be one of our very first hires, working closely with Minimum's three co-founders:

  • Freddie Evans is our CEO. Prior to Minimum, Freddie was a founding employee at Venture Capital fund Augmentum Fintech. Before that, Freddie was a strategy consultant at Boston Consulting Group (BCG), specialising in eCommerce for Retail, and at BCG Digital Ventures, focusing on sustainability projects. Freddie has a degree from the University of Oxford.
  • Chris Winchurch is our CPO / CTO, leading our Product & Engineering teams. Prior to Minimum, Chris was a Consultant at the Boston Consulting Group (BCG), specialising in data-heavy Consumer projects. Chris has a Masters in Electrical Engineering from Imperial College London, and dropped out of a Harvard MBA to co-found Minimum.
  • Freddie Green is our COO, leading Operations, Data & Science teams. Prior to Minimum, Freddie worked as an operations consultant at Newton where he specialised in using data to drive value for clients across industries. Freddie has a first-class Masters degree in Physics from the University of Oxford, where he specialised in Climate Science.

The Skillset - Must haves

  • 4+ years experience of experience as a professional Software Engineer.
  • A love for creating products which combine smart architecture, robust implementation and delightful results for customers.
  • Experience with at least some of the following, and a willingness to get stuck into the rest of them:
    • Javascript / React (and related toolchains, e.g. Webpack)
    • Testing frameworks related to both of the above
  • Ability and experience to own design, implementation and rollout of complex product features.
  • Strong preference for a role in which every day you'll be thinking on your feet, dealing with complex problems end-to-end, driving forward initiatives, actively shaping and challenging in product decisions at every level. Minimum is a fast-moving early-stage startup so it's essential that the pace and uncertainty is something you find engaging, energising, and motivating.

The Skillset - Nice to have

  • Previous experience at an early-stage tech startup (especially if it was an B2B SaaS).
  • Bachelor's / Master's Degree in Computer Science, Electronic Engineering, or any other scientific / mathematical field.
  • Experience creating components to be integrated with third parties' websites (e.g. Web Components) and / or mobile apps (e.g. React Native component libraries).
  • Extensive experience with REST API interactions.
  • Experience in working closely with a designer to implement and evolve a UI design system.

Within one month at Minimum, you'll:

  • Understand the Minimum product (past, present, and future) inside-out.
  • Learn all the relevant tools to make you an effective Minimum team member.
  • Start contributing to feature development.

Within three months at Minimum, you'll:

  • Have a deep understanding of the Minimum system architecture.
  • Own the delivery of large, important product features.
  • Help shape the processes that we use to manage Minimum's Engineering delivery.
  • Be involved in the hiring process for our growing Engineering team.

Within six months at Minimum, you'll:

  • Be a key member of the Engineering team, taking responsibility for the day-to-day running of development sprints.
  • Mentor more junior members of the team.
  • Have a strong sense of where the business' strategy over the coming years and actively be thinking about how our Engineering function can enable that growth.

Within twelve months at Minimum, you'll:

  • Be an invaluable thought partner to the CTO, helping design Minimum's overall technical vision and strategy.
  • Help take responsibility for the Engineering team's hiring & retention strategies.


Interested in applying? Email [email protected] with your CV & a few sentences about why you're interested in the role, with the email subject "Founding Lead Engineer Application".